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Intranet on Fire! Openfire

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Seun Ojedeji
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The intranet is gradually being used and collaboration has started. This is made possible by the open source software called Openfire. It is a collaborating tool and does beyond chating; with it you can share file, do conference calls with people, create groups, and much more.
The chat experience and interface is also wonderful. In short it is a replica of Skype.
Thought it will be good for you to implement also in order to complement your internet bandwidth, for users that wants to collaborate within.

Below is the proceed for Ubuntu 10.04.

1 Download latest Openfire Here! NB download the .deb

2 Open fire requires Java installed....verify that the server has java installed if not you install java

For ubuntu go to system>administration>software sources and select main-server then refresh and issue this command: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin

3 After that, you can now doubleclick on you downloaded openfire and install, if you get a java error then go back to step 2

4 After successfull installation go to serverip:9090 or serverurl:9090 and follow the onscreen instruction to complete setup. NB not the password

5 Login with admin and password that you created to access the backend to create more user account

6 Download the Spark Client, install and follow instruction. To start chating/collaborating. You can also upload the sparkweb client by following the proceeds here

Good Luck!
Come back if you have problems :)