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The mission of Open Source Foundation for Nigeria (OSFON) is to promote and educate decision makers in government, educators, NGOs, businesses and citizens on the advantages of using the Linux Operating System, Free and Open Source Applications and Open Standard.

IDLELO 5 - Free and Open Source Foundation For Africa Conference, Abuja, Nigeria

IDLELO is a Southern African word meaning "Common Grazing Ground". IDLELO captures the essence of Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa's (FOSSFA's) existence as well as the fundamental objective of the conference. The original idea of an African conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons was born at about the same time as FOSSFA itself.

About the Conference

The IDLELO 5 Conference offers a real opportunity to discuss new issues, tackle complex problems and find advanced enabling solutions able to shape new trends in FOSS and related technologies on the African continent.

Bensoft Enterprise - Nigeria's Linux Support Company

Bensoft Enterprise is Nigeria's Linux and OpenSource Support Company for the Co-operate world. Visit

request for linux software and instructions on installations

please am a new member in this forum and i will like the forum to assist me with the Linux software and probably instructions on how to do the installation. thanks

Online Education Brought Closer!

Big Blue Button is a new platform that intends to make online education something that just anybody could access to and benefit from. It comes complete with all the features that one would expect to see in such a setting: chat, webcam, a list of participants and the option to have access to the desktop of the one who is imparting the class.

BigBlueButton is built by combining over fourteen open source components.

More Info!

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